Carpet Seam Repair

Coming Apart at the Seams

Often times, wall to wall carpet is made of many smaller pieces of carpet glued together. Most the time, you can’t detect the carpet seams (where the pieces of carpet are glued together). However, if the carpet isn’t installed correctly, you’ve experienced water damage or there is pet damage, the carpet can come apart at the seams and become a tripping/falling hazard. If not corrected immediately, the carpet often will delaminate and become frayed.

How we repair carpet seams

  1. Before fixing the carpet seam in your home or business, your Sandia Carpet Repair technician will remove all old adhesives and tape from the edge of the carpet. If the carpet is frayed, we will need to cut the edge to help ensure an invisible seam. If the fraying is severe, your Sandia Carpet Repair technician may need to create a patch from remnant carpet (if available) or from a place that isn’t noticeable (such as in a closet).
  2. To repair the carpet seam, your Sandia Carpet Repair technician will use professional grade carpet seam tape and adhesives, a professional-grade carpet seam iron and a professional grade carpet seam roller. The carpet seam tape is placed correctly below the carpet seam. The carpet seam iron is applied to the area where the seam tape was placed. As our technician uses the iron along the seam tape, they will join the carpet edges together with the hot glue.
  3. Now you have a new carpet seam that should be difficult to actually see. The final step to ensure adhesion is a flat weight will be placed to hold the carpet in place as the glue cools.

Save Money. Don’t replace your carpet, repair it!


If your carpet is in otherwise decent condition, repairing the carpet seams that have come apart will save you thousands of dollars when compared with purchasing new carpet.

Sandia Carpet Repair will professionally fix the carpet seam to ensure under normal wear conditions the carpet seams will stay intact.

1 year warranty

All Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the Sandia Carpet Repair workmanship. That’s exactly why we give a one-year warranty from the date of service on all carpet repair labor. More >

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